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Dreaming is a continuous flow, an unstopped function, diurnal and nocturnal. It is the result of human mind capacity to re-elaborate and symbolize all the time countless rough incitements, as external as internal, that besiege our perceptive system. What we generally mean with nocturnal dream presume an additional passage, a control able to connect pictographic elements sequences, in order to constitute a narrative plot. Dream is therefore a sophisticate event and, in a way, rare in our mind global economy. More often, without being aware, we experience other visual expressions, wakefulness dreamlike flash, mirages, up to have real hallucinations. We can imagine this activity as in a geyser, discharges of unexpressed representative energy where our mind cannot contain it and nevertheless cannot neither organize it in a dream. In most cases we are inclined to deny these perceptive expressions. Artists, on the contrary, use this as the high road for their visionary transformations. There are tools which enable to penetrate the structure of our dreamlike content, entering time-space interstices otherwise not explorable and mute. The camera is one of these, among the most powerful ones. When it is not used to approve the already know, it enables to coordinate the meeting between our pre-conceptions and the reality metaphysical structures, enhancing the authorís narrative capability and ≠ at the end ≠ organizing the dream, thatís the shown image. In this way Photography help us knowing and telling new stories, very much more real than the over-saturated truth offered by media on a daily base. Such a kind of truth, being not assimilated or dreamt, cannot allow the knowledge, but the fiction only, useless and misleading. Dross, rough elements, unelaborated stimulus crowd our mind and block our thinking. Organizing our wild-eyed visions, telling them by images, elaborating their sense. Dreaming. To keep us alive.

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